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KEK Seafood’s Newest Outlet at SAFRA Punggol Offers a Unique Dining Experience

For over five decades, KEK Seafood has been a beloved institution in Singapore, faithfully serving up mouthwatering zi char delights to multiple generations of diners. They have recently unveiled their third outlet, nestled within the vibrant surroundings of SAFRA Punggol.


Their commitment to delivering humble yet delectable seafood zi char dishes remains unwavering, and this new outlet boasts an additional touch – a showcase of Singapore’s infrastructure right within its interior. Imagine dining amidst familiar sights such as an ERP gantry (rest assured, no payments are required) and a replica of a bus stop right in the restaurant.


Alongside classics, you will discover exciting new additions that are exclusively available here. One of them is the Grilled Assorted Seafood with KEK Homemade Sauce, featuring fresh tiger prawns, clams, mushrooms, and vermicelli, all enhanced by KEK Seafood’s special homemade sauce. The sauce boasted a rich garlicky flavour, and the vermicelli had absorbed the delicious essence from the prawns and garlic.


Another enticing addition is the Otah Charcoal Fried Dough Fritters with Salad, which sees smoky otah combined with crispy charcoal fried dough fritters, paired with a refreshing salad.


While KEK Seafood SAFRA Punggol introduces these exciting dishes, their timeless classics continue to be the heart and soul of their menu. Don’t miss the Signature Moonlight Hor Fun served in a sizzling claypot, featuring smoky hor fun mixed with dark soy sauce, lup cheong, prawns, sliced fish, and raw eggs.


The Claypot Pig Liver is a must-try. It consists of juicy slices of pig liver cooked to perfection in a claypot. It’s usually mixed with rice to absorb all the flavors and make it a substantial dish.


While Keng Eng Kee is renowned for its coffee pork ribs, the Marmite Chicken is a delightful alternative. Each piece of chicken is fried to crispy perfection on the outside, tender on the inside, and coated with a sweet and savoury marmite-based sauce.


Of course, a trip to KEK Seafood isn’t complete without trying their crab dishes. The Chilli Crab Meat with Fried Buns is a convenient way to enjoy this popular seafood. Expect crab meat without shells bathed in a delightfully sweet and tangy chili sauce. Don’t forget to dip the crispy mantou buns into the sauce to fully enjoy the flavours.


For dessert, new options such as the Cereal Hae Bee Hiam Fried Ice Cream will excite foodies, while those who prefer a more traditional or familiar taste can savor the Original Fried Ice Cream.

Since the 1970s, KEK Seafood, a family business now helmed by the third generation, has been an unwavering symbol of quality seafood and zi char cuisine cherished by many. Generations of families have grown alongside it, while chefs and food enthusiasts have passionately embraced its menu. The addition of KEK Seafood SAFRA Punggol undoubtedly brings joy to the residents of this neighborhood.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood – SAFRA Punggol

Address: 9 Sentul Cres, #02-01, SAFRA (Punggol), Singapore 828654

Phone: +65 9691 0616

Website: https://kengengkee.oddle.me/en_SG/

Opening Hours: 11am to 2pm (last order: 1:50pm), 5pm to 10pm (last order: 9:50pm)

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